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Twighburg is a fictional capital of the mighty Empire which exists in parallel reality of Victorian age where steam engines, mechanical engineering, dark occult sciences and corsets rule the world.
Twighburg is divided into two worlds: Upper Twighburg – luxurious city of progress,  the magnificence of the palaces on island part, and Lower Twighburg - dangerous dusk of slums, the refuge for castaways of society.
There are no baddies or goodies in this city. Twighburg is the residence of great minds and the most evil souls at the same time. The stories of people who live in Lower in Higher Twighburg are the plot of our web-series united by a single mysterious detective puzzle.


Web series “Twighburg” consists of stories of citizens who live in the progressive and gloomy capital of the Steampunk Empire. They are united in the succession of mystical events.

The location of all the stories is the fantasy city of Twighburg, the capital of the mighty European empire.

Web series “Twighburg” is an independent project created with direct creative and financial participation of our audience. It started as the project of the web series “Stories of Twighburg” produced with the creative and financial help from the audience and three short episodes (3-5 minutes each) were made. These were the portrait stories of the citizens of the fantasy city. Olga Twighlight slightly opens the curtain between two worlds and creates 26-minute-long episodes telling about the lives of different characters whose lives cross the real and the parallel worlds in her new-format web series.

The filming of the new episode, “Phoenix”, will start in September 2020.

About the project “Twighburg” and the film “The corset”:

The project and the web series “Twighburg” started on the base of the short-length movie “The corset” (directed by O. Twighlight, 2016, 30 min long). It became one of the famous and successful crowdfunding projects in the field of independent cinema as well as the first Russian steampunk project. “The Corset” gave birth to the universe called Twighburg where the film events take place. Soon the film took part in a series of prestigious international film festivals and screenings and then it grew to an interactive and crossmedia project. The audience and the fans started to make up new characters and take part in the filming process. It also became a base for the music video for the legendary rock band “Piknik” which was filmed by Olga Twighlight and received an award “Clip of the year”.

Logline: "The ideal beauty’s in ideal vice”

Young and ambitious provincial girl Gloria arrives at the capital of fantastical Empire, the magnificent Twighburg. She dreams about winning the city. Being really hardworking and inventive, she starts working for Ferdinand, the famous maker of corsets. He lives in Upper Twighburg and he’s close to the nobility so he can help win the high society. But the girl knows nothing about Ferdinand’s real identity…

Corset movie Twighburg
Corset movie Twighburg
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Corset movie Twighburg
Corset movie Twighburg
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Corset movie Twighburg
Corset movie Twighburg

Manfred Kerber / Yury Utkin

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In the heart of Twighburg the famous master Ferdinand makes luxurious corsets for high society ladies. But it’s not as simple and harmless as it seems … His deadly corsets should take away sinful souls of the victims. Ferdinand needs the eight deadly vices of Twighburg to bring to life his long-standing sinister design…


Series «Twighburg» continues to tell the story of master Ferdinand and other characters from the “CORSET” movie as the stories of other dwellers of the gloomy city.

In 1st season the series will tell the story of a student Victor - a young talented engineer - who is investigating together with his friends the mysterious murder of his girlfriend. Victor and his friends have not only to find the murderer but also to save their own life in the city of sins and dark occult societies.

In our web-series there will be mystery, thriller, love and sex -  everything that the audience likes in modern series!

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